The Road to Nowhere   Leave a comment

In the dawn of the sixth millennium, the human race is scattered across the stars. A very loose empire has been formed within the last ten years, after a fifty year period of civil war and nine centuries of chaos. The most powerful factions in the galaxy are the Great Houses whose fiefs span multiple star systems, the Merchant Guilds which monopolize all trade and production and the Church which gives solace to the common people. Due to the discord that preceded the Empire, the cultures of the Known Worlds are disparate and unpredictable: some are little better than medieval Europe, while others are dense arcologies of unimaginable technology.

For the first time in over a century, the Church has authorized a pilgrimage to the world of Nowhere. Lying at the far end of a little-used jumpgate, Nowhere is covered with ash wastes and warring tribes. It has little to recommend it except the Gargoyle: a colossal Annunaki statue in the desert. It is said that the Gargoyle will answer any question posed to it.

The pilgrimage, long abandoned during the Emperor Wars, has been reinstated. This year’s pilgrims include you.

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