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Heroes have six Aspects that define who they are. Each Aspect is a trait with a brief description of what the Aspect is directed toward. Under Passion, for instance, the player must specify what their Hero is passionate about.

Passion/Loyalty: represent people or factions to which one is attached. Passion represents an emotional attachment, while Loyalty is more ideological. Specify for each Aspect the identity of the person or faction.

Specialty/Aspiration: Specialty describes what one does for a living (duelist, engineer, confessor, diplomat, etc). Aspiration describes what one hopes to accomplish (avenge my father’s death; get my own ship; become filthy rich).

Ego/Society: Ego represents one’s personality, while Society represents the community of which one is a member. Ego should be defined with a one-word personality trait; examples include Proud, Stubborn, Cautious, Duplicitous, Optimistic, Sycophant and the like. Society should be the faction or group with which you identify: your noble house, your guild, your sect of the Church, etc.

If you’re in a scene and one of your Aspects is relevant to what’s going on, you can add three dice to your roll. Doing this means checking off the Aspect. A checked-off Aspect can not be called on. You’ll get an opportunity to uncheck Aspects later.

[You’ve noticed that the Aspects all fit into paired categories. I originally intended for these to trade off with each other: relying on one’s Passion meant ignoring one’s Loyalty, etc. However, I found a much better use for that with Virtues. Aspects are now just a source of dice: check one off, provided it’s relevant, and get three dice. Pairing them off with their opposites does nothing mechanically, but it reinforces the dualism that’s central to the game’s theme.]

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