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Heroes have five Virtues.

Courage – Used for anything requiring valor and bravery.
Devotion – Used for anything requiring willpower or focus.
Spirit – Used for anything requiring energy and exertion.
Honor – Used for anything requiring pride or reputation.
Judgment – Used for anything requiring analysis or insight.

[I borrowed these from some abandoned notes I had for a game where the PCs used virtues instead of ability scores. So your Strength or Dexterity didn’t matter as much as your Courage did. This isn’t an original thought on my part, as far as I know.]

A Virtue is ranked from 0 to 3.

If you’re in a scene and one of your Virtues is relevant to what’s going on, you can add its rank in dice to your roll. Doing this reduces the Virtue by 1.

Every Virtue has a corresponding Vice.

Courage: Rage
Devotion: Obsession
Spirit: Madness
Honor: Conceit
Judgment: Subterfuge

The Vice is always ranked 3 minus the corresponding Virtue.

You can always invoke a Vice in any circumstance in which you’d normally invoke a Virtue. Doing this takes one die off of the Dying Stars pile. This does NOT reduce the Virtue or the Vice in rank.

[I’ll get into the Dying Stars later.

This took some explaining, but the players really liked it once they caught on. In FS:R2N, a Vice isn’t the inverse of a Virtue: it’s the Virtue taken to an extreme. You don’t sin in Courage by being cowardly; you sin in Courage by letting Rage take over. Doing your work with Spirit is a joy to the Creator; pursuing your work with Madness leads toward heresy. And so forth.

Note also that, in the original draft, Virtue naturally slides toward Vice but Vice does not return as easily toward Virtue. This underwent some changes during play. Limited beta, please sign the NDA, patent pending. 😉 ]

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