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Not only can Heroes leverage Aspects, Virtues and Blessings to accomplish a task, they can also accomplish a task in Style. Heroes can act in one of three ways: with Power, with Cunning and with Glory. If a Hero gets more successes than they need to overcome a difficulty, they can allocate those extra successes to useful effect by using a Style.

After a Hero counts up their successes and sees how many are left over, they can check off a Style for the following:

  • Power: Every additional success is an additional effect that the Hero can narrate, above and beyond what they originally meant to accomplish.

  • Cunning: Every additional success allows the Hero to create an Advantage for later use. Further successes can create even more Advantages, or add boxes to the Advantage to allow it to be ticked off multiple times.

  • Glory: Every additional success gives the Hero a Wyrd point.

The Hero doesn’t need to use a Style until after the dice have been rolled and the successes have been counted.

The Narrator always has the option to invoke a Condition that the Hero has and block the use of a Style. If the Narrator does this, then the Condition is unchecked and the Style cannot be used (though it remains unchecked). The Hero can’t go back and choose a different Style; the invocation of a Condition means Styles are unavailable to him for that roll.

[Originally, a player had to choose one Style during character creation that would be forever denied to them. I ditched this rule before the first session and I’m glad I did.]

Conditions are a result of engaging with Escalated challenges. The Conditions are:

Angry, Broke, Confused, Embarrassed, Isolated, Hurt, Scared, Tired

A Condition gets checked off when a Hero engages with an Escalated challenge. The Hero can uncheck a Condition during an Interlude scene, or during any other scene by spending a Wyrd point.

If a Hero tries to use a Style, the Narrator can uncheck one of the Hero’s Conditions and describe how it prevents the Hero from doing so. This prevents the Hero from using that or any other Style on the roll, although the Style is not checked off.

[Note that Conditions are the only traditional mechanical consequence in the game. They replace hit points, stress levels and sanity. Heroes only get weaker as they lose access to Aspects and Wyrd, and they only lose Aspects and Wyrd because they chose to use them earlier. Even a Condition doesn’t make a hero weaker – it just makes them less awesome.]

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