Chapter Two: Terrors in the Deep (Part 1 of 2)   Leave a comment

The session began with two separate parties delving into the ruins of arcology 707C in the wilds of Sutek. Sir Victor and Lady Corezza arrived first by flitcar. They tripped the security system on the landing pad, drawing the attention of an automatic blaster turret in the ceiling. Victor talked Corezza into distracting the turret into swiveling while he dangled from the back, using his sketchy electronics knowledge from university, and disarmed it.

The Engineers, Fannagus and Fez, along with Acolyte Gwinn and Deacon Nedeau, were only a little behind. They set to getting the lay of the land as a first priority, with Fannagus plugging his think machine into an access jack to download a map. The map was in an antiquated machine language, requiring extensive reprogramming before Fannagus could get it to work. Once the map was up, he used it to steer the party down a longer but safer route through the arcology. The only other threat they encountered was a rival party of scavengers. A standoff ensued with both parties screaming and pointing guns at each other, but Fannagus defused the tensions and convinced the other scavengers that the Engineers weren’t a threat.

Victor and Corezza, after dealing with a collapsing arcade and a crumbling interior stairway, finally reached their destination: the site where St. Aethelred had dispersed the rioting mobs with holy fire. It was an ancient computer station, deep beneath the surface of the planet. A makeshift cairn had been created with rubble in the center of the room. Removing the rubble, the nobles found a set of skeletal remains in a body bag, clutching an odd translucent cube. “This must be the relic he used …” said Corezza.

Meanwhile, back in Djehut, Captain Manx recruited a disgraced Engineer he knew to sabotage Lady Corezza’s ship. This would keep Corezza on planet to ensure that she attended Lady Maryam Windsor’s party, as part of Maryam’s byzantine scheme to embarrass her. As he returned to the streets of the agora, however, Manx realized he was being tailed by a couple of goons. He also spotted Lady Maryam looking for him and realized he’d be in for a few hours of nagging if he couldn’t avoid her too.

Manx slipped into a slave auction to lose Lady Maryam first. A captive Vorox, massive and savage, was the current chattel up for auction. Manx slipped close to examine the slave (“look at how dull its claws are! clearly a weak specimen”), using the crowd as cover. Unfortunately, his boldness only caught Lady Maryam’s attention, who overcame her disgust with slaves to come see what all the fuss was about. Realizing that he had to do something drastic, Manx jumped into the pit with the Vorox and slapped it on the haunch to prove how “harmless” it was. The Vorox examined Manx with its keen, intelligent eyes but didn’t kill him. Once the crowd realized that this Vorox wasn’t the killer they had hoped for, they started withdrawing bids and the crowd dispersed, dragging Maryam along with them. Manx took advantage of the confusion to duck into a chapel and slip out the back entrance, thereby losing the other two thugs.

In the arcology, the Engineers and their party had just caught up to Victor and Corezza. Fannagus described the quantum core that they sought: “it would be a cubical device, fitting in an input port of roughly these dimensions …” Victor realized that the cube Corezza had found would fit that description and distracted Fannagus until Corezza could hide it away. The party canvassed the computer station until a tremor shook the entire room, dislodging some rubble. It was followed by another tremor, then another one. Huge, irregular shockwaves … like footsteps …

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