Chapter Six: City on Fire (Part 1 of 2)   Leave a comment

Engineer Fannagus spent a white night diagramming the quantum core’s output for how to rebuild the city’s fusion plant. The next morning, he recruited Ferizio and the two Engineers he’d rescued and laid out his mad plan. Ferizio wasn’t sure how it would work, but he owed Fannagus big, so he agreed. Fannagus solicited Captain Manx for help, who passed him on to his local Muster contact – the same hapless flunky who had lent him some goons before – for some hired help.

Sir Victor, Countess Adorna, Fr. Flavian and Acolyte Gwinn braved the crowds at the Achaeon Spaceport, a mad riot of Criticorum’s richest citizens. They found the Charioteer whom Ibrahim Amarjah had promised to aid them, but were confronted with an obstacle: the rest of the Amarjah family, all agitating to get offworld. Cutting across the tarmac to retrieve the Li Halan ship they’d arrived on, the pilgrims discovered a second obstacle: a mob of Li Halan cousins and envoys, all eager to use the pilgrims’ ship to get offworld.

Wheeling a cartful of borrowed Engineer equipment into the depths of the city, Fannagus and his crew set about repairing the broken power plant. They hurried to replace cylinders and reconnect ducts, all while monitoring security feeds. Enraged mobs of Achaeon’s poor started to batter at the doors, threatening to break in. Sweat pouring off his brow, Fannagus executed the final connections … and sighed with relief as power came back online.

At the spaceport, Sir Victor used a flash of Psyche to dissuade the Li Halan clerk from letting anyone aboard their ship. He was exhausted by the time he got back to the other terminal, however, and consented to let two dozen Amarjah relatives tag along. They waited for Fannagus and Ferizio, who came sprinting along the tarmac with an angry mob close on their heels. Acolyte Gwinn thinned out the mob with some automatic weapons fire and the pilgrims were able to depart.

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