Chapter Six: City on Fire (Part 2 of 2)   Leave a comment

So the thing that I always feared would happen has happened: I let too long go by without writing an update and lost my enthusiasm for it. So here’s a lightning fast recap of the second part of Chapter Six.

The pilgrims took their Li Halan ship to the al-Malik world of Shaprut. Sir Victor was summoned to the palace of the planetary governor, Count Kaldun, where he was asked to account for the revolutionaries’ behavior. Count Kaldun told Sir Victor that Duke Hakim al-Malik, reigning head of the entire al-Malik family, would be arriving in about two weeks so that Kaldun could hold a peace summit. Victor was expected to speak on Ibrahim’s behalf, which Victor found most unsettling.

Captain Manx noted that, within a day of arriving, all of the pilgrims had scattered without leaving a note: Brother Sand, Acolyte Gwinn, even Father Flavian and Lady Maryam.

Engineer Fannagus’ mail finally caught up to him, including a letter from Crafter Luceta, whose correspondence had inspired him to continue his research into AI. She warned him not to plug his think machine into the quantum core (too late) and told him to address any further correspondence to the Great Library of the Mutasih on Shaprut. He rushed off to the library, which was under very strict security procedures: he was searched before entering and exiting and was given a bracelet that would explode if he strayed more than ten feet from a bodyguard. But he was able to find Luceta and talk with her, though she waited until they left to ask for his help. The Great Library apparently had an extensive collection on AI programming languages – and she wanted to steal it.

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