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Fading Suns: Road to Nowhere is a roleplaying campaign. It’s set in the Fading Suns universe, made popular by the Fading Suns RPG (currently by RedBrick LLC; originally by Holistic Design). It takes place three thousand years in the future in a byzantine empire that spans the galaxy. Feuding houses, scheming guilds and an ancient church plot to increase their power, while explorers search for ancient tech and alien relics.

This is the support and documentation blog for FSR2N. It contains recaps of play sessions, text and images to help evoke the setting, and the rules. It also includes my notes on process: why I made the rules the way I did, how the players and I structure gameplay to set a certain mood, stunts I’ve tried and stunts that have failed.

If this is your first visit, you might want to:

  • Check out the recaps first
  • Brush up on the game’s rules

Or you can just plunge right in.

When I’m not running a homebrewed RPG in a Dune / Hyperion knock-off setting with my friends, I also blog at Periscope Depth (personal blog; less gaming talk) and Overthinking It.


Posted August 23, 2011 by John Perich

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